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SummitUp Capital works on behalf of businesses to source capital for the right purpose, at the right time, and with the right terms. Whether you are a goverment contractor, a local business, or a real estate investor, we offer tailored solutions to support your growth.

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$2M Heavy Duty Truck Fleet Loan for Construction Firm

Business funding shouldn’t put you through the paces.

You deserve straight forward, custom tailored financing solutions. And that is precisely what we deliver.

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Finally, a simple funding process.

We’ll evaluate your business scenario and use of funds to begin positioning you for borrowing.


We take your scenario to lenders to work your deal and find the right terms for your financing.

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We work your loan all the way to the closing table. Allow us to answer any question along the way.

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Experience Matters

We come from an extensive background in business, customer service and finance, and we know industries that many banks and traditional lenders don’t, like construction, manufacturing, logistics, landscaping and lawn care. We help traditional businesses as well as those who have a concept and a market, but traditional lenders just can’t seem make a match.

Independence Means Access

Our approach is to work independently. Because we aren’t tied to any lender we work with all lenders and financing products. We have a network of lenders, but we can go beyond that to seek out the right lender for your project. It’s that creativity and flexibility that makes SummitUp a sought after partner in Utah and beyond.

Have you faced recent challenges in accessing business funding?

You are not alone. Many businesses are facing increasing barriers to capital. Part of that is changes to interest rate, but even more has to do with how banks have changed their lending requirements. That’s why we maintain a broad network of quality lenders. We work with you to position your plan for success, then we don’t just match a lender to your criteria, we work on your behalf to create a workable deal that secures the funding you need.

Get the support and insight you need to take the right financing to move your business ahead.

SummitUp Capital can take you there.