Construction Loans
Build your property your way. Whether you are a developer or a business owner with a specific vision, we help you finance your project the right way.

Construction Loan Advantages

Customize your property.

Fix and flip properties.

Short and long-term loans are available.

Easy to adjust your loan as you build.

Construction Lending Overview

Commercial real estate markets don’t always support buying CRE. Sometimes it’s less expensive to build what you need. Find the land you want and customize the design to your unique specifications. Construction loans also help with renovations if you want to expand your interior space or put in an addition.

Unlike CRE loans, construction loans don’t give you a lump sum to pay back. Instead, your project gets funded by milestones. Complete one stage of the construction to get funding for the next. You pay only interest during the build. When you’re ready to cut the ribbon, you can refinance your loan into a commercial mortgage with a term-to-perm loan. If the project hits a roadblock, you only pay back the portion of the loan that was funded. We help businesses get the financing they need to build offices, warehouses, retail spaces, and more every day.

Complex Financing Made Simple

Construction loans cover everything from purchasing land to finishing the landscaping. Even if you’ve already started construction, you can get a loan at any time. You won’t have to pay the loan principal until you’ve finished doing the work. Then, you can make a balloon payment or turn your loan into a commercial mortgage. Tell your broker about your future plans and they can match you with a construction loan that’s just right. Construction loans are unique in that they pay based on a milestone plan that you make with your lender ahead of time. When you hit one milestone, you get funding for the next, and so on. Ask our brokers for details.

Recently Funded:

Colorado Motel new wing construction $2.1m

Our Services

You deserve straight forward, custom tailored financing solutions. And that is precisely what we deliver.


To get ready to build, you need to start with land! Construction loans can help you buy land and prepare it for construction, including debris removal, grading, permitting, and utility infrastructure. Give your building a solid start with land ready to support your project. Let us show you how!


Customize everything from the ground floor to the gutters when you build your own properties. Construction loans can help fund appraisals, designs, inspections, surveys, materials, labor, and more. Make your next building project affordable when you use a construction loan from our lender network. We’ll match you with the right financial tool for the job.


You don’t have to start from scratch to utilize a construction loan. Our lenders can help you fund renovations and remodels no matter how big or small. Fix and flip properties or give your retail space a fresh new look when you talk to our brokers about a construction loan for your business.


Q. Can I refinance a construction loan?
Yes, you can replace your construction loan with a lower-cost option or convert to a mortgage once the building is complete. Ask your broker for details.
Q. What is an owner-occupied construction loan?
An owner-occupied construction loan is a specialized loan for builders who plan to occupy most of the property themselves once it’s finished. These loans are often less expensive, since owner-occupiers are treated differently by lenders than borrowers who build to sell.
Q. Are there any tax advantages to building yourself?
Doing your own construction comes with many benefits and some of them are tax advantages. Especially if you plan to add sustainability features to your property, you may be eligible for incentives from the federal government. Speak with your broker or a tax professional today.
Q. When is a construction loan not the right fit?
If you plan to do minor renovations or some basic remodeling, you may not need a full construction plan. In that instance, a hard money loan, working capital loan, or line of credit might work better. To find out more, contact a broker today.

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